Canteen equipment   
     Cold water tank
     Door & Fence
     Electrical work
     Filter Tank
     Heat Exchanger
     Hopper & Cone
     Hospital Tools
     Hot water tank
     Machine structure & parts
     Mixing tank
     Mobile Pot
     Platform & Base support
     Pressure vessel tank
     Sanitary sink
     Screen & Mezz
     Shelf & Rack
     Silo tank
     Slide Gate Valve
     Stainless Fabrication
     Steel Fabrication
     Storage tank   

     Box stainless
     Ladder stainless
     Standard stand type
     Standard wall mount type
     Switchboard make to order
     Wire way stainless

     Chiller Pipe Insulation
     Insulation work
     Steam Pipe Insulation
     Tank Insulation

     Belt Conveyors
     Roller Conveyor
     Round Belt Conveyor
     Screw Ckonveyors

     Costomer Reference

We are a major processor and distributor of stainless steel, nickel alloys, titanium and other special metals. Since your requirements may range from moderately different to completely unique, we constantly customize our products.


We have extensive capabilities in precision rolling strip and producing specialty wire products to exacting dimensions for critical high performance applications. From custom made R&D size to full production large quantities, our operations can deliver quickly and reliably.


Company Business Segments

Manufacturer and distributor of steel Products. Servicing, maintenance, providing make to order, and engineering work relatively stainless steel.

Main Product

Steel Products with made to order, Stainless steel tanks (Chemical tanks, Pressure Tanks, Storage Tanks, Mixing Tanks, Hoppers) for food & beverage and Chemical Industries.